Star Wars Darth Vader's Tie Advanced X1 Starfighter 3D Model


Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 was a starfighter used by Darth Vader during the Galactic Civil War, leading Black Squadron, and flown by him during the Battle of Yavin. It was a modified early prototype of the TIE Advanced x1 line. The TIE Advanced x1 featured a greater speed than the TIE/LN. It was armed with heavy twin blaster cannons on fixed mounts, and was also capable of carrying secondary weapons such as cluster missiles. In addition, unlike most TIE models, the TIE Advanced x1 was equipped with both a hyperdrive and a deflector shield generator and even a much more effective solar ionization reactor and stronger hull.

Product Name: Darth Vader's Tie Advanced X1 Starfighter 3D Metal Model Kit

Item Number: MMS253

Number of Sheets: 2

Assembled Display Size:  2.5"(L) X 2.25" (W) X 1.75" (H)

Skill Level: Moderate

Ages: 14+

No glue or solder needed!