The San Felipe 3D Puzzle


The San Felipe was a famous Spanish Man of War launched in 1690, the lead ship of the great Spanish Armada (Invincible Fleet). To defend the long but hazardous passage back to Spain, she was armed with 96 cannons which could easily take out most of the vessels in the French and British navies.

Product Name: The San Felipe

Model No.: T4017h

Total Pieces: 248 Pieces

Model Size: 65 X 18 X 56cm / 25.6 X 7 X 22inch

Box Size: 44.6 X 30.8 X 5.8cm

Age: 8+

Complexity: 8 out of 9 Stars

Material: Paper and EPS Foam Board

Construction Time: 4+ Hours (Easy to assemble with no scissors or glue required)